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Blue Shift is a action game that is aimed at children aged 10 to 14 years.
Destroy enemies and dodge bullets, lasers, and explosives to survive. You'll be faced against wave after wave of enemies, each of which has unique behavior and varying attacks. You'll have an array of weapons at your disposal in order to dispatch the enemies. Each weapon has 5 different levels that you can earn by using it to destroy enemy ships.

An important tactic to staying alive is to use the shield to absorb enemy bullets. You'll have approximately 3/4 of a second of invulnerability against the red bullets on screen, which will be absorbed into your energy reservoir if they hit you. After 40 bullets have been absorbed your EMP will be prepped and can be discharged at any time to disable all of the small enemies on screen and do significant damage to bosses.
If you can't beat a level, try switching characters. Each character has unique maneuverability and health stats which may help you through a level.

There will be several points in the game where enemy fire will be too dense to navigate through. It's best to practice using your shield to break through lots of enemy fire.
Find the weapon that suits you best. There are a number of unique weapons available in the game. If one doesn't work out, try others.

Use the arrow keys to move. Press A key to fire. D key is for changing the weapons and F key is to discharge EMP. Press P key to pause the game.
Good luck!

Blue Shift

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