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Harry Potter and the haunted castle - Harry Potter is a wizard future very brave, but sometimes because of the reckless courage that comes in pretty big trouble and even risk to lose his life. Now it has lost in a haunted castle.

Het spookkasteel

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Valentine's puzzel
Valentine's puzzel Time to relax! Make a nice puzzle of valentine!
Puzzel: paard
Puzzel: paard Fill in the puzzle and you get the image of a beautiful girl with a horse.
Puzzel: schoolplein
Puzzel: schoolplein Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the...
Puzzel - Crazy Monkey
Puzzel - Crazy Monkey Solve the crazy monkey jig saw puzzle .
Kralen! puzzel
Kralen! puzzel No introduction needed - it's a jigsaw puzzle! Position the pieces to finish...
Dolle hond puzzel
Dolle hond puzzel Put the pieces together to fit the picture .
Shanghai Dynasty
Shanghai Dynasty Dit spel is een kloon van de populaire Chinese spel - Mahjongg. Mahjongg is...
Mahjongg manie
Mahjongg manie Mahjongg is nogal een zeer populair spel. Met een goed-gedaan graphics, zal dit...
Puzzel: de Kerstman
Puzzel: de Kerstman Kerstman en zijn elfjes gaan van huis tot alle kinderen blij te huisvesten in...
Pokemon puzzle uitdaging
Pokemon puzzle uitdaging Challenge your knowledge of Pokemon - identify the right Pokemon before the...
Crazy cube
Crazy cube Link every pair of like colored markers to complete the cube .
Rome puzzel
Rome puzzel A great puzzle which has the background image the city of Rome.
Harry Potter en de Vuurbeker
Harry Potter en de Vuurbeker Hang as much as Harry - high waters have always something scary, because I do...
Puzzel: Sonic Heroes
Puzzel: Sonic Heroes Leg de stukken op het scherm, zodat u kunt vernietigen met de corresponderende...
Beroemdheid puzzel: Twilight
Beroemdheid puzzel: Twilight Je zou kunnen hebben de Twilight film lijnen onthouden ... maar hoe zit het...
Puzzle Maniax
Puzzle Maniax Puzzle Maniax
Plinx: puzzel voor je geest
Plinx: puzzel voor je geest This is a unique puzzle game
Harry Potter: het gouden ei
Harry Potter: het gouden ei Harry Potter and the dragon - The dragon has carefully from the forest near the...